Our Practice

Apple on special education courses, and school books.

Practice Area: Exclusively Special Education


  • Provide legal guidance based on evaluation of educational/medical records and Client’s unique needs
  • Discuss legal options and strategies.
  • Request and prepare Client(s) for Individual Educational Program (IEP)/504 meetings and attend meetings.
  • Negotiate IEP educational services.
  • Defend students at Manifestation Determination Reviews.
  • Review/clarify evaluation results and IEP content.
  • Analyze and discuss strength of Client(s) case for possible filing of due process complaint or educational agency complaint and court actions.
  • Prepare Client(s) for mediation and negotiate at the mediation.
  • Settle Client(s) educational disputes (if applicable).
  • Represent Clients at hearings and/or in court.
  • Handle suspension and expulsion matters as applicable.

Our Approach

We believe the best way to achieving success for our legal clients is to collaborate with Parents so they understand the "what", "why" and "how" every step of the way (we are teaching Parents to fish, not just cooking it).  Sauda Johnson-McNeal (“Attorney Sa”) facilitates empowering Parents to advocate like a “BOSS” for their children by offering cost effective on-line courses, pro-bono videos, workshops and insightful social media posts.  

Legacy of Success

The Law Offices of Sauda Johnson, PC has a proven track record of success.  Check out our success stories and schedule your free phone consultation today.

About Attorney Sa

Sauda Johnson-McNeal


Sauda S. Johnson co-founded her first law firm in New York City in 2003, directly after graduating Law School. She has garnered a wealth of legal knowledge over the years and built a reputation of honesty, compassion and trust to effectively represent her clients. 

*Licensed in both CA and NY.